Escaping unplanned Netflix binges

What regrets will you have on your deathbed? It almost certainly won’t be “I wish I’d caught the last two seasons of Brooklyn 99!” If you have goals that don’t involve sitting on the couch watching endless television and films, limiting your Netflix time is important. This post has a bunch of obvious suggestions like … Read more

Return to the desired behavior without judgment

Perfectly expressed: Getting organized (or establishing new habits) is like following your breath when learning to meditate. We are taught that, when you notice your mind wandering off and straying from the intention of following the breath, you simply notice having done so, without judgment, and return to following your breath. What if we could … Read more

How to Avoid the Resolution Traps

Today we look at the common traps that prevent people from forming new habits and keeping resolutions. While we are focusing on exercise goals here, the lessons apply in all aspects of your life.  There is a time to push yourself hard – if you’re working on your fitness, that’s likely to be when you’ve … Read more