Chris has helped me to stop procrastinating important tasks. His process has been gentle and efficient and has given me the willingness to overcome my fears and self-doubt. He uses strong and reliable tools. I wholeheartedly recommend him. – Anon

He helped me quell the procrastination habit and form new healthy behaviors. – Charizard

Thank you so much for today’s sessions – the process that you guided me through was profound.  your insights and guidance helped to make available to me insights and resources that were not previously available to me.  – Sondre, Melbourne

After having kids, I found my daily window for productive time had practically vanished. 4 years later, it had reached a crisis point as I was both failing to achieve any personal goals and failing to enjoy family time. Chris and I worked on developing a more productive daily routine and eliminating productivity sinks. Since then, I’ve recouped a great deal of unproductive time and carved out an 1-2 hours of extra productive time each day. Along the way I was also introduced to mindfulness, deep work and ideas for sleep improvement. All in all, working with Chris has lead to positive and lasting changes in my daily routine, and capacity to pursue my life goals. – Brendan

I really enjoyed working with Chris, who helped me understand my procrastination problem, and eventually overcome it almost completely. And I say almost because it’s still a challenge at times, but a much easier one to deal with and overcome, now that I know why that is! Thanks to Chris’s analysis, guidance, and feedback, not to mention the creative exercises he encouraged me to try out. It was a pleasure working with him and learning from him as well. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who struggles with procrastination like I have. Thank you for everything coach! – Joe H.

I found talking to Chris really helpful in correcting misunderstandings and bringing insights about mindfulness and meditation and to discover the importance of noticing thoughts I have. Because of this I’ve become far more aware of the my own mind and focused on what’s in front of me and this has made me more effective in pursuing my career goals. – Miles

Chris has helped me with planning, decision-making, and self-improvement. When I tell about a problem, he asked intelligent questions that helped me overcome the problem. He also provided very helpful suggestions. I think he can approach problems in an analytical way that makes it easy to proceed to the solution. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with mental confusion, motivation, or planning. – Anon

Awesome coach! You can expect a tailored approach in the advice given and strategies suggested and not a “one size fits all”. Really liked that! – Laura

It’s been over a year since Chris walked me through NLP, and the effects have remained strong. My ice cream addiction is no more! It’s saved me a ton in terms of my attention and presumably my health. – Lauren

When I started to work with Chris, I was looking to increase the amount of writing I get done for work and cut down on my tendency to procrastinate. I was expecting that he would help me set goals and stick to them. I got a lot more! Chris helped me to understand why I procrastinate, and together we developed various strategies that I can use to get myself writing and stay on track. Working with him really has changed how I think about my writing, and I feel much more positive about lots of things as a result. – Anon

He helped me break down my goals and gave me tips on how to implement these daily… Highly recommended. – Shams

Wonderful coach – gets to the heart of the issue efficiently and is very helpful and flexible. – Anon

My goal was to pass a difficult exam on government regulations after being out of uni for 6 years and I acheived it! All thanks to Chris. He has been a wonderful help over the last few months and I would highly recommend him to anyone is looking for a more personable coach who knows that hitting goals takes a well rounded approach. – Phillip

At the beginning of our coaching I had absolutely zero habits in place and couldn’t even keep a sleeping schedule. I honestly didn’t expect too much of the whole experience but I was more than pleasantly surprised. Chris interviewed me thoroughly at the start of our sessions and really took the time to tailor an approach for my specific situation instead of using a 1-size-fits-all approach. Not only did he teach me strategies and methods to keep my habits but he also helped me to see what my problems are and guided me on a path that I can now walk myself. At the time of writing this review I can gladly say that I have a working sleeping schedule, released 3 projects, read more books than I did all last year and even do a workout every morning that is followed by a cold shower when just a few weeks ago I couldn’t even get out of bed by noon. Chris is highly recommended! – Thomas

Chris was brilliant at helping me focus my hard-charging attitude and drive with the realities of operating an ADHD brain, and turn those challenges into strengths. He consistently asked intelligent, helpful questions, and gently reminded me of practices that are essential for keeping my balance. Communicating by text was perfect for my short attention span. I now have my first art show lined up, and I’ve acquired the artistic skills I’ve wanted since childhood. I can’t recommend Chris highly enough! – Anon

Chris did a fantastic job of keeping me accountable and never giving up on me. At one point I had a bad slump, and no matter what Chris kept messaging me to make sure I was back on my feet. It felt like I had someone rooting for me and would highly recommend him! – Anon

Chris helped by being frank and practical about getting back on the horse. Also, he helped to tweak habits so they are best suited to me and my life. – Anne

I am grateful to have been coached by Chris. I found his evidence based recommendations to be very effective for overcoming the many obstacles I faced. Since his advice was based on the previous documented success, I did not have to do as much “trial and error” in removing obstacles to my goal. Chris is very skilled and supportive, and was able meet me where I was. This allowed me to improve at my own pace without feeling pressured and overwhelmed. After receiving his coaching, I am feeling much more confident in achieving my goal. Many thanks to you, Chris! – Kim

Chris helped me break down my big projects that freaked me out into small doable chunks. – Anon

Really effective coaching. Chris helped me getting my life in order and managing my ADD. He is non-judgmental and problem focused. He has so many aces up his sleeves, there is a tool to deal with any problem. I would not be as productive as I am without him. – Anon, USA

Chris helped me in getting more efficient in my life. His insights were really helpful in reducing procrastination and working out what changes I needed to make to become a successful writer. He is friendly and professional at all times. – Stephen, UK

I’m doing a review of my goals for this term and I’ve realised a lot has been achieved thanks to you fostering the right thinking environment to get me past quite a few things that were just looping and going nowhere otherwise. What you provided was a focus on routines, goals, deadlines, mindfulness and flow, (and motivation through accountability!), which is exactly what I needed at that precise time. – Aaron, Melbourne

Chris has been a great adviser when it comes to a “how to” approach and/or dealing with day to day life-challenging situations. I believe his motto is compassion and it works (if you are willing to make effort). I also have been getting some great tips (efficient and almost effortless) from him in educating my 8 years old daughter: both academic and non-academic. I have no hesitation in recommending him to be your coach.  – D, Sydney

The counselling Chris offered was like taking me on a journey which encouraged me to face my emotions including some really tough ones. The result of the counselling was that I had a much more positive outlook on the challenges which happened in a really natural and organic way. I think Chris is particularly good at asking questions which facilitate new thinking and ideas in a very organic way and encouraged me to come up with solutions. – Dannie, Melbourne

Workshop and seminar testimonials

It’s been an amazing experience. Chris helped me to unleash the power I had within me. I just needed a trigger to get me on the right track. And Chris is super easy to talk to. – Tuul

I found the workshop to be really effective in assisting me to identify my goals, the outcomes and how to achieve them. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking to better understand where they are going and planning how they might get there. The difficulty with career planning is uncertainty, leading to a lack of clarity. Through utilising these methods I’ve learned how to use foresight and planning more effectively make decisions regarding my future. – Izzy

Chris is really good at helping me find my true goals, and work out what is important. – Aaron,