Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m procrastinating on something, does that mean that deep down I don’t want to do it?

Possibly, yes! That’s why it’s important to know what’s important to you, and not just pursue goals that have been handed to you.

On the other hand, we can sincerely want something but fail to work on it because of inner conflict, lack of clarity, or lack of an effective strategy.

Does procrastinating mean that I’m just lazy?

No! (And to be honest, procrastination can be hard and stressful work.) Procrastination is about misdirected energy and attention, and that misdirection can happen in many different ways.

“Lazy” is rarely a useful concept.

How can you help me?

I will help you identify what’s blocking you from achieving what you want, and strategies for getting unblocked.

It’s up to you to do the meaningful work. It’s up to us, working together, to make success as easy as possible for you.

Why should I work with you rather than someone else?

I bring together life experience, coaching experience, evidence-based practice and creative solutions to help you find a way forward. I don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. The reasons for procrastination are varied, and so are the strategies we will use to help you create a better life.

I do start with listening, exploring, and with approaches that have worked for clients in similar situations. And we’ll stay curious.

How do you come to be coaching people to beat procrastination? Are you a naturally well-organised, efficient person, or is this something you struggled with yourself?

It’s definitely something I’ve struggled with myself, in a big way! And I’m still working on myself and always will be, while I live.

Is your name really Chris “Waterguy”?

Yes and no. My name is Chris Watkins, but a lot of people (in real life and online) know me as Chris Waterguy. This avoids confusion with the many other Chris Watkinses out there, and people remember it more easily.

Do you do speaking engagements?

Yes – please contact me with details.